how to apply for scholarship in xinjiang medical university

How to Apply for Scholarship in Xinjiang Medical University

The Xinjiang Medical University, China offers 3 categories of scholarships for Indian students, including the Chinese Government Scholarship, the Xinjiang Government Scholarship and the University Scholarship. If you want to study MBBS in Xinjiang Medical University, you will have the opportunity to get these scholarships. Here, the editor will give you guidance on how to apply for Xinjiang Medical University Scholarship. Below are the application procedures for each scholarship program at XJMU.

How to Apply for the Scholarship at Xinjiang Medical University – Chinese Government Scholarship

The Xinjiang Medical University is one of the 279 universities that admit scholarship students from the Chinese government. The application procedures for this scholarship program are very simple. If you wish to apply for the Chinese government scholarship in Xinjiang Medical University, you can consult – “How to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship”.

How to Apply for a Scholarship from the Xinjiang Medical University – Xinjiang Government Scholarship

Step 1: Apply from March to August (directly through the university)

Step 2: Fill the application form for “Government Grants of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for Neighboring Countries.”

Step 3: Prepare the following application documents:

  • One original copy and one photocopy of the completed application form;
  • Notarized highest diploma and transcripts;
  • HSK level certificate;
  • Notarized transcript from senior high school;
  • Study plan in Chinese or English;
  • Recommendation letters;
  • Applicants for music shall submit one CD. Applicants for art shall submit colored photos of 6 pieces of work (2 sketches, 2 pastels, and 2 other works);
  • Foreigner Physical Examination Form;

Step 4: Present these application documents to the university and keep in touch with the University to get the final result of the application.

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