About us

The International Education College has not only incorporated advanced educational techniques from foreign educational systems, but also makes good use of its own advantages and characteristics. All subjects can be taught in English. The International Education College has created a unique educational environment for international students, and created excellent circumstances in which every foreign student can enjoy their study and life. It has been listed among the largest colleges in the scale of international education in China.

The International Education College of XMU is in charge of enrolling and educating international students who are determined to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western medicine. The college consists of IEC Office, Student Management Office, IEC Academic Registry, and Training Office. Supported by the solid teaching, researching and medical strength of XMU, IEC trains students in traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, offering six-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor’s degree granting) and non-academic education (3 months to one year training courses). For students from different countries, IEC teaches students in Chinese, English, Russian (only to recruit master’s degree, doctorate), Uighur and Kazak (short-term training programs available).

Xinjiang and its bordering countries share similar geography, culture, dietary habits, and religious beliefs. Benefited by those similarities, students can adapt themselves to university study and life in a short period of time without much effort. The International Education College of Xinjiang Medical University is highly recognized nationally and internationally in terms of international education quality. Students who meet the recruitment standards can easily access various programs at Xinjiang Medical University. Our university is equipped with advanced multi-media classrooms, a variety of advanced laboratories, bright and spacious labs, and fully-equipped living facilities for students, in order to provide students from all over the world a good learning and living environment. Students from all countries are all warmly welcome to study at International Education College of Xinjiang Medical University.

Xinjiang Medical University

Xinjiang Medical University began to recruit overseas students in 1992. In 2001, we began to recruit undergraduate students abroad on a large-scale, most of who came from Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea and Kazakhstan.

In order to improve the academic level and management of overseas students, Xinjiang Medical University set up International Education College in June, 2004. An excellent teaching staff with a strong sense of responsibility and a great deal of teaching experience will offer the best possible education for overseas students.

MBBS in Xinjiang Medical University

Course Duration in Xinjiang Medical University for MBBS Students

Chinese Medical Programs will need 6 years to complete. 5 year’s well worth of class room training where they will get all the relevant training. Useful training should go hand and hand with a yearlong apprenticeship. But that begins once the classroom programs are over. The apprenticeship provides hand-on experience in surgeries, procedure and other relevant training to help them offer with any circumstances. This can also provide them with the exposure they might need.

World Ranking of Xinjiang Medical University

The intake capacity of the best medical colleges in China has limited seats as of the finish of June/July. The students they are consuming hail from different places around the world. With top-class facilities, low-budget, and a diverse culture, these colleges are providing a safe and sound space for their overseas students. Make an application for the universities immediately before they go out of seats.

Eligibility for MBBS in Xinjiang Medical University

  • Candidate must be from the STEM history with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their curriculum.
  • The aggregate rating should be 50 percent in every of the above – mentioned topics.
  • 2 years of study connection with the following topics are required.
  • They need to be fluent in English and should have the ability to communicate accordingly.
  • The upper age group and lower age group limit for eligibility are 25 and 17 respectively.
  • The Medium of Teaching in Xinjiang Medical University.

The Medium of Teaching is mainly English but students will probably get training of language for a year since the colleges think that they will stand out better in local treatment and methods with their understanding of the language. But that is merely limited for the 1st year as the others of the training is conducted in English. It may appear intimidating but it surely is not.

Xinjiang Medical University

xinjiang medical university

How to Get Admission in Xinjiang Medical University

Step 1

Check out the Following Documents Required to Apply for Study MBBS in Xinjiang Medical University 

  • Application Form.
  • One passport size photo.
  • Mark sheets of 11th & 12th requirements from the individual board or council of education.
  • School Leaving Certificate.
  • Certificates of class 11th & 12th from the concerned board or council of education.
  • Scanned copies of a valid passport including the photo page.
  • All of the above documents must be notarized and attested from the relevant government authorities.

Step 2

Once you have submitted all the above documents, Jagvimal Consultants will carefully examine and send these to the Admission Committee for International Students of Xinjiang Medical University.

Step 3

The student must pay the application form, admission, and handling fees according to the Xinjiang Medical University norms. The application form and the handling charge you need to paid advance.

Step 4

The handling fees can be delivered to China or India, whichever is previously.

Step 5

After obtaining the repayment, we can do everything for you and send you the state photocopy of your Entrance Letter released by the University within 7 business days. Also, we process your articles to the ministry of education in China for the issuance of the JW2O2 form that’s needed is by the Chinese language embassy in your country to concern students Visa. The documents will be dispatched for you by express email or FedEx.

Step 6

Once these documents are received – the Admission letter and the JW2O2 Form (visa form) – the college student visa process can be commenced in association with your nearest Embassy/Consulate of China in your country.

Documents Required Applying For the Visa to Get Admission in Xinjiang Medical University 

  • A valid passport.
  • Recent passport size photographs.
  • Visa application form.
  • JW202 Form (do not forget to bring the original copy while coming to China).
  • Admission letter issued by the university.
  • Health check-up form / physical examination record.

Step 7

After acquiring the Visa, inform us rightly, and we will arrange the air ticket and let you know about the date and time of your departure from your country.

Step 8

Once you reach in China, our consultant will get you at the airport and guide you to the Xinjiang Medical University hostel. Next morning, the consultant will also help you in paying the administrative and admission fees at Xinjiang Medical University counter, wherein you will be becoming a member of the MBBS program.

Step 9

The student will not have to face any issue because he/she will be led until our associates complete the process.

Step 10

It requires around a month, from enough time you obtain the Admission Letter from us to your China Visa being released from your Country.